Processes and Services

We demonstrate careful attention to our customers, by making special services, in addition to those characterizing the activity, and services able to transform a product into a work of art available.
In particular:


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Hot welding of vulcanized angles
  • Cold welding
  • Functional, support and assembly adhesive taping
  • Special adhesive taping on silicone
  • Extrusion with wire inserts
  • In-line marking on specific materials, according to indications
  • Bagging
  • Special assemblies
  • Inserts on seals/gaskets
  • Packaging customization
  • Supply of technical certificates or products availing of certification institutes.


At GMP Engineering, we have developed our own technology to apply adhesive tape to rigid, soft and plasticised profiles. We supply standard or bespoke profiles with adhesive tape applied, in both rolls and sections, with both single track and joined double track taping. We use a wide range of double-sided tapes, from classic rubber-based scrim tapes to modified acrylics. Bespoke adhesive profiles can solve many application problems, from construction to carpentry and soundproofing.


At GMP Engineering, we have welding machines for the hot vulcanising of seals. Welding is carried out using special moulds which enable the pieces to be joined by applying a sheet of material or a patch. This process enables us to weld EPDM rubber and SILICONE rubber seals, with both straight and angled joints, at the desired angle.


In partnership with our clients, at GMP Engineering we create customised packaging with your company logo and/or special dimensions, in addition to guaranteed standard packaging. Possibility of personalised labelling with the code, name and symbol of the product.


At GMP Engineering we can mark or apply a code to extruded seals, in EPDM rubber and in plastic material, to provide our clients with a product identification service (available on request).